Downloadable Resources on Pricing

Everything you need to succeed and do better pricing.

Ebook - How to Increase Prices

Managing price increases is not always easy. Nor is it to determine how much to increase prices with. This ebook from PriceBeam provides readers with 7 easy steps to successfully increase prices. The author, Per Sjöfors, is a world-renowned consultant and author, having helped thousands of companies optimize their prices. Per Sjofors is a co-founder of PriceBeam.

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Webinar - Optimizing Prices Globally

Learn how to optimize prices when doing business globally. Webinar from March 2017 by PriceBeam co-founder and Chairman, Finn Helmo Hansen.

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Webinar - Accelerate Sales by Pricing RIGHT

Learn how pricing can help to even grow sales. Webinar from March 2017 by PriceBeam co-founder, Per Sjöfors.

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Whitepaper - 7 Secrets to Best-Practice Pricing

This is a guide to action. It's a practical description of the pricing techniques used by the best firms in the industry and more importantly, how you can start using the same techniques.

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Whitepaper - Price Optimization for Consumer Goods Firms

We have produced a complete guide for Consumer Goods firms on how to optimize prices in all aspects, and become one of the rare pricing champions in the industry.


Whitepaper: Price Performance: 12 Keys to Success

This guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the essentials for outperforming your competitors on pricing. You will learn techniques for optimizing your prices.

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Tip Sheet: Customer Intelligence Analytics: Top 10 Mistakes Firms Make

Ultimately, your goal with your customer intelligence analytics is to get results that are actionable. To obtain this, you need to get results that are: Statistically significant, Based on all types of customers, and Clear of bias.

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Tip Sheet - Pricing Products and Services: 10 Common Mistakes Companies Make

Getting your pricing strategy right is crucial for your company's profit. This paper will give you an overview of the typical mistakes managers make, alongside valuable best-practice techniques for pricing your product or service.

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Tip Sheet - Price Optimization using Attributes Positioning

The key to price optimization is understanding your customer and what they value about your product or service. This paper teaches you how to optimize prices by: Calculating perceived value, Assessing competitive position, Determining attribute performance.

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Tip Sheet - 6 Tips to De-Commoditization

Commodity marketplaces return substandard profits to most of their vendors, as the lion’s share of the business goes to the lowest-cost supplier. But most companies can decommoditize themselves.

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