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Upcoming Webinars

Thought Leaders in Pricing Series with Joe Enright 

Time: 18th April 2024

Join us for our webinar on Thought Leaders in Pricing Series, featuring Joe Enright who is a SVP of Finance, Revenue Growth Management at Advantage Solutions.

Growing the Top-line with Consumer Insights

Time: 25th April 2024

In this webinar, we will discuss leveraging Willingness-to-Pay insights as a key strategic input for Consumer Goods companies looking to increase their sales revenue outside raising prices or reducing package sizes.

Past Webinars

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Building Capabilities in an RGM Organization.

Catch up on our webinar where we discuss building capabilities in an RGM organization, ranging from team recruitment, training, and knowledge, to find the right tools, and applying best practices. 

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7th March (2)

Thought Leaders in Pricing Series with Barry Edney. 

Catch up on our fireside chat with Barry Edney, as we delve into pricing insights and current topics.

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world-class RGM

World-class RGM with Ocassion, Brand, Package, Price, and Channel (OBPPC)

Catch up on our webinar delving into one of the increasingly popular RGM frameworks for consumer packaged (CPG) manufacturers which is OBPPC.

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8th Feb (5)

Thought Leaders in Pricing With Howard Langer 

Catch up on our fireside chat with Howard Langer, who is a Global Leader in Consumer Pricing, Promotion & Net Revenue Management at Mars Pet Nutrition.

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8th Feb (3)

Pricing of Features & Benefits: What are Customers Willing to Pay for? 

Catch up on our webinar on Pricing of Features and Benefits and explore ways of understanding what features your customers are willing to pay for. Or not to pay for. Sometimes the latter is as important as the former

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Optimize Prices in the Automotive Industry

Optimize Prices in the Automotive Industry  through Market Insights.

Join us for our webinar on price optimization in the Automotive industry, especially how to gain insights into what customers really are willing to pay.

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11th Jan (7)

Benefits of: Choice-Based Conjoint Simulation in Price Optimization and Revenue Growth Management

Learn how Choice-based Conjoint Simulation drives Revenue Growth Management through optimized pricing strategies.

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7th Dec (1)-1

AI in Revenue Growth Management.

Learn AI's Influence in Revenue Growth Management, and how to leverage it to enhance pricing strategies.

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Thought Leaders-1

Thought Leaders in Pricing: AIS Soto.

Join us for our thought leaders in a pricing series, featuring AIS Soto, who is a renowned Global RGM Director and Growth Strategist.

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Menu-Based Conjoint Analysis _ Pricing Research (1)

A PriceBeam Study: Menu-Based Conjoint Analysis

A popular study in PriceBeam, designed for companies that sell products or services where customers choose from a menu. What is Menu-Based Conjoint Analysis and what challenges it solves for companies?

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How to Grow your Brand by Recruiting new Consumers

Brands must grow with the time and needs of their target market. It would make sense to recruit new consumers into the brand that are willing to pay for the brand and its products. 

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Webinar (28)

Pricing Leader Series with Mark Peacock.

Join us as we chat with Mark Peacock about the state of pricing, inflation, challenges facing pricing coming into 2024, and Mark's new book.

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Global Price Optimization: What Consumers Are Willing to Pay?

Not one price fits all, how can companies navigate different markets and consumers willingness-to-pay around the world when setting and optimizing prices.

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Optimizing Prices in the Hospitality Industry

A complete guide for hospitality firms on how to optimize prices in all aspects, and become one of the rare pricing champions in the industry.

Pricing Techniques: 7 Secrets to Best Practise Pricing

This is a guide to action. It's a practical description of the pricing techniques used by the best firms in the industry and more importantly, how you can start using the same techniques. 

Price Optimization for Consumer Goods Firms

A complete guide for Consumer Goods firms on how to optimize prices in all aspects, and become one of the rare pricing champions in the industry.

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