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RGM Prescriptive Optimization

RGM Prescriptive Optimization uses advanced analytics and science techniques to recommend specific actions that businesses can take to maximize their revenue growth. AI-supported modelling allows for superior and automated RGM recommendations.

RGM Prescriptive Optimization
Prescriptive Optimization example

Prescriptive Optimization

Unlike descriptive analytics, which focuses on explaining what has happened, or predictive analytics, which focuses on forecasting what might happen, prescriptive optimization goes a step further by suggesting concrete actions based on the predictions and the desired outcomes.
RGM Optimizer & Simulator

how it works

Using Virtual Customer modelling the Prescriptive Optimization suggests the optimal pricing strategy.

  • Virtual Customer models are generated based on market research, product master data, and historical sales data.

  • The virtual customers are consulted when users run manual simulation scenarios.

  • The same virtual customer model is also the basis for AI-driven prescriptive optimization suggestions.

  • Decision makers are presented with a range of suggestions on ideal price points, product assortments, and actions.

Predictive Optimization

Tap into RGM Optimizer & Simulator for expert-driven revenue and pricing insights from PriceBeam. Access detailed analyses effortlessly, without the need for complex reporting systems.

Pricing & Revenue Growth Challenges Solved

Data-driven insights

Fact-based Decisions

RGM prescriptive optimization provides actionable guidance based on data-driven insights, allowing companies to make more informed decisions directly impacting their bottom line. It helps businesses to.

Optimal Pricing Strategy

Determining the right price for products in varying market conditions and consumer segments is challenging. RGM prescriptive optimization utilizes predictive analytics to simulate how different pricing strategies impact demand and revenue, helping businesses find the optimal balance between price and volume to maximize profit.

Pricing Strategy

RGM Optimizer & Simulator Plans

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