About PriceBeam - Who We Are

PriceBeam brings decades of pricing experience and know-how to customers who want to take the guesswork out of pricing.

PriceBeam is all about helping companies improve on their pricing by taking the guesswork out of what the prices should be. We scientifically survey and analyze customers’ willingness to pay and use this to offer insights as well suggested actions for how to price.

From the outset PriceBeam has been created as a global enterprise with representation in both United States, United Kingdom and Sweden. The team boasts experienced pricing industry veterans with decades of experiencing in helping companies around the world manage and optimize their prices and price structures.

PriceBeam offers superior, cost-efficient and fast pricing research to a variety of industries, including consumer goods, consumer services, startups and entrepreneurs and investors.

Our corporate values include:

  • Customer focus
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global outlook
  • Innovation is key

If you are interested in partnering with PriceBeam or work for us, please contact us.