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RGM360 is a Software-as-a-Service, AI-powered solution that leverages the advanced capabilities of combining market research with internal and external sales data, and then offering sophisticated simulation & mathematical optimization of revenue and prices. The software efficiently produces actionable insights, driving profitability for your business.
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What is RGM360? 

RGM360 is World-class Revenue Growth Management solution

PriceBeam's RGM360 Software-as-a-Service platform combines unique Revenue Growth insights across price, assortment, packs, channels, consumer segments, and promotional optimization, into a complete and holistic RGM overview. 

RGM360 includes:

  • Used in conjunction with predictive research and/or RGM Data Lake
  • Can be used stand-alone, and/or with RGM Optimizer & Simulator and RGM Data Lake
  • Can import own data, and/or with RGM Optimizer & Simulator and predictive research

"RGM360 is an AI-powered solution that is a combination of RGM Optimizer & Simulator, Predictive Research, and RGM Data Lake."

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RGM Optimizer & Simulator

Simulate and optimize prices, assortments, and promotions. Based on insights, analyses, and Virtual Shopper Modelling. Continuous, instant scenario scenario and simulation building.

PriceBeam's simulation tool is designed with predefined optimization programs to accurately model various market scenarios. This advanced simulation tool harnesses AI, historical data, and current market trends to provide powerful insights. Tackle your pressing pricing questions with confidence by simulating and analyzing potential outcomes. 


Predictive Research

Run a standard PriceBeam study and combine your insights with our simulator & optimizer or data lake.

  • Consumer-centric: Our research puts the consumer at the forefront. 
  • forward-thinking: We predict what and how the market will react to your; price increases, new product pricing, product launch assortment.
  • Market insights: Our research provides real market insights, so you can make fact-based decisions. 
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RGM Data Lake

RGM Data Lake is a rich repository filled with revenue and pricing insights from PriceBeam's experts. Here, you can "fish" for best-practice analyses without the need to construct world-class reports or manage a complex reporting infrastructure. 

Integrating both sell-in and sell-out data into an analytical data lake, we leverage AI-driven analyses and pricing simulators. Our Data Lake incorporates historical data, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence to deliver a comprehensive, world-class revenue growth report. This powerful combination provides deep insights and strategic foresight, enabling you to optimize your revenue strategies effectively.

Browse our plans

We have a variety of plans to choose from that will suit your business needs.

Benefits of RGM360

The most powerful tool in the pricing industry to take your organization to the next level.

Customized Pricing Reports

Gain access to a suite of customized reports designed by pricing experts, allowing for modifications to meet specific business needs or to address unique market dynamics. 

Cost-Effective Solution

Pricebeam spreads its development costs across all clients, offering a more affordable solution compared to the high costs of custom report development. 

Identify Price Opportunities 

Use world-class reports provided by PriceBeam experts to identify price opportunities or revenue issues. Use the simulator to ask the questions senior managers want to know.

Automated Data Integration

Leverage the power of data. Simplify data management with automated systems that load your data into a data repository, reducing manual input errors and increasing efficiency.

Blog Article:

RGM360: Combining Past Data with AI

Recognizing the need for a more dynamic and forward-looking tool, PriceBeam developed RGM360. This sophisticated platform is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional market research.