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Frequently Asked Questions - RGM Optimizer & Simulator

RGM Optimizer & Simulator: FAQ

How are virtual customer technology used for simulation?

PriceBeam's virtual customer technology takes responses from market research and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build models around different consumers would react to various products and prices. These virtual customers are then "asked" about the simulation scenarios and what choices they would make.

What plans are available to buy?

Please visit our Plans page for further details.

Can I combine Optimizer with PriceBeam market research?

Absolutely. Optimizer is using virtual customer modelling based on market research and sometimes also historical sales data.

What is Prescriptive Optimization?

Prescriptive Optimization is an AI-based wizard the suggests improvements to prices or products in the simulated market scenario.

Only available in higher plans.

Do you still have a question?

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RGM Optimizer & Simulator Plans

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