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RGM Optimizer & Simulator is a cutting-edge tool crafted to equip businesses with insightful pricing strategies. It functions by sourcing data from one or both sources: PriceBeam's Predictive Research and/or RGM Data Lake. It enables users to simulate various market scenarios and optimize pricing, assortment, and promotional strategies effectively.

RGM Optimizer & Simulator

Core Elements

RGM Optimizer and Simulator relies on a continuous feed of data, sourced from PriceBeam’s Predictive Research and/or RGM Data Lake. The Data Lake serves as a repository of revenue and pricing insights, offering best-practice analyses curated by pricing experts. 

This integration provides actionable insights without complex reporting setups. Continuously updated data ensures decisions are informed by the latest market trends, enhancing strategy effectiveness and profitability.

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how it works

Users can simulate various market scenarios—like price adjustments or competitive responses—to visualize potential outcomes. Based on these simulations, decisions can be refined, and strategies optimized in real-time, providing a continuous loop of feedback and improvement.

  • Data Integration

  • Scenario Simulation

  • Outcome Visualization

  • Continuous Optimization

Challenges it solves

Strategic Pricing Decisions

Tackle complex pricing scenarios by simulating the impacts of different pricing strategies, even in the absence of competitor movements.
RGM Optimizer & Simulator
RGM Optimizer & Simulator Graph

Continuous Optimization

Iterate on strategies with frequent simulations to respond dynamically to market changes and optimize outcomes continuously.

Market Adaptability

Test responses to changes in product packaging, promotions, and competitive strategies to find the most advantageous market position.
Choice-based conjoint
RGM Optimizer & Simulator graph

Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate rich data sources from predictive studies and the RGM Data Lake, ensuring that every simulation is backed by robust and comprehensive data insights..

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