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Prescriptive RGM Analytics

Prescriptive analytics provides best-practice analyses and reports based on data from pricing research, sales data, customer and product data, sell-out data, and much more. Using PriceBeam's extensive experience across a variety of industries, the RGM Analytics offers predictive and actionable insights, that can be shared with company stakeholders in a series of dashboards and reports.

RGM Prescriptive analytics

 Strategic Advantages

For businesses, this means making strategic decisions that are data-driven, leading to improved efficiency, increased profitability, and minimized risk. 

How Does Prescriptive Analytics Work?

Integration of Multiple Data Sources

Combining the already powerful insights and data points from PriceBeam's predictive market research with product master data, internal sales data, external POS sell-out data, and more, the RGM analytics suite offers up-to-date suggestions that are relevant to current market conditions.

Data Integration
Price opportunity graph

Identification of Opportunities

It uses sophisticated reports to pinpoint pricing opportunities and revenue issues across different markets, countries, and product categories, suggesting optimal actions.

Automated Reporting Tools

Data is made easily accessible through automated dashboards and report catalogues, enabling quick decision-making based on the latest insights.

PriceBeam platform images
customized reports

Customization and Flexibility

Users with an enterprise plan can customize reports, tailoring prescriptive recommendations to better fit specific business needs and strategies.

RGM Data Lake - Prescriptive Analytics Plans 

Find a plan to suit your business needs.