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Frequently Asked Questions - RGM Data Lake

RGM Data Lake FAQ

Can I combine RGM Data Lake with PriceBeam's market research?

Absolutely. While not a must, data lake analyses are often enhanced by combining forward-looking market research insights with analysis of historical data.

How do I get data into RGM Data Lake?

Depending on your selected plan, you can have data added by importing Excel files, or using our API or OData Endpoint. 

Also, RGM Data Lake receives results from all market research studies that you have ever run on the PriceBeam platform, and thus allows for analysis on that data too.

Can I export reports and data from RGM Data Lake?

Yes, RGM Data Lake insights and analyses can be exported to Excel or PowerPoint. Higher tier plans can also export data via an OData Endpoint.

What plans are available to buy?

Please visit our Plans page for further details.

Do you still have a question?

Book a call with a PriceBeam expert and find out more.

RGM Data Lake Plans

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