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RGM Data Lake Integration 

Integrating data into RGM360 from RGM Data Lake offers significant benefits by combining real-time market research insights with historical data analysis. This integration is accomplished through various methods depending on your plan level. You can import data directly via Excel files, utilize an API for seamless data flow, or employ an OData Endpoint for more robust data handling capabilities.

RGM Data Integration

Combine RGM Data Lake with PriceBeam's Market Research.

This integration facilitates the combination of historical data and forward-looking market research insights to enhance decision-making processes
RGM Data Lake
how it works

The data from the RGM Data Lake is integrated into RGM360 by importing Excel files, using an API, or through an OData Endpoint, depending on the selected plan.

  • This integration provides a comprehensive view of pricing trends and consumer behaviors.

  • An API facilitates seamless data flow for automated integration and updates.

  • Data can be directly imported into RGM360 from the RGM Data Lake via Excel files.

  • For robust data handling, an OData Endpoint can be employed, enhancing data accessibility and manipulation.

Benefits of Integrating Data

Enhanced Market Insights 

By integrating both historical data and real-time market research results from the PriceBeam platform, RGM360 provides a comprehensive analysis of consumer behavior and pricing trends, allowing businesses to make more informed decisions.

Market insights
Data management

Streamlined Data Management

The use of APIs and OData Endpoints facilitates seamless data integration and management, making it easier to access and manipulate large datasets for strategic planning.

Continuous Data Updates

As RGM Data Lake receives all results from market research studies conducted on the PriceBeam platform, RGM360 continually updates with new insights, keeping your analysis current and relevant.

Data updates
Analytical capabilities

Comprehensive Analytical Capabilities

The integration enables a holistic view of market dynamics, combining the strengths of historical data analysis with forward-looking research findings to optimize pricing and revenue strategies effectively

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