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RGM Data Lake

RGM Data Lake is a rich repository filled with revenue and pricing insights from PriceBeam. Here, you can "fish" best-practice analyses without the need to learn how to construct reports or manage a complex reporting infrastructure. Explore trends with local or global sell-in and sell-out data, and delve into diverse revenue growth management topics.

PriceBeam RGM Data Lake

Predictive Analytics & AI Modelling

Tap into RGM Data Lake for expert-driven revenue and pricing insights from PriceBeam. Access detailed analyses effortlessly, without the need for building complex, in-house reporting systems.

Challenges Solved by RGM Data Lake

Continuously Analyze and Monitor Pricing

Leverage PriceBeam's top-tier pricing analysis and reports, designed for easy updates using straightforward data tools.

Continuously Analyze and Monitor Pricing
Fast and Cost-Effective RGM Analytics

Fast and Cost-Effective

Concentrate on your core business activities. Rely on PriceBeam to deliver superior reports and reporting infrastructure without any initial investments in data, servers, or RGM report development.

Share RGM Insights and Issues with Company Stakeholders

Distribute findings through integrated dashboards and report catalogues, sharing crucial performance metrics with stakeholders across the company.

Share RGM insights with stakeholders
Identify pricing opportunities

Identify Pricing Opportunities Across the Business

Utilize world-class reports to pinpoint pricing opportunities or revenue issues. Perform analyses across markets, countries, product categories, and more.

Concentrate on What you do Best and Let PriceBeam Handle the Complexities of Data Analysis and Reporting.

PriceBeam RGM Data Lake flow
  • Load sales data via excel templates or via data connectors.
  • Get 25 world-class analyses with drill-down capabilities provided out of the box by pricing experts at PriceBeam.
  • Show results to other company stakeholders in a dashboard or report catalogue.
  • Write your own reports on top (with enterprise plan).
  • Optionally: Combine data from the RGM Data Lake with PriceBeam’s market studies.

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Find a plan to suit the needs of your organization.

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