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Revenue Growth Management Ultra

RGM Ultra combines three studies: Promotion Lab, Comparative Willingness to Pay, and Value Attributes.

In the Promotion Lab, explore varied promotional mechanisms, products, and channels to pinpoint the best offerings and identify customer-preferred choices. Comparative Willingness to Pay helps assess entry prices for new products and identify price adjustment opportunities. Value Attributes, also known as choice-based conjoint, delve into testing various attributes and levels, revealing primary drivers for consumer purchasing decisions. 


Challenges it solves

Creating Appealing Offers for Customers

RGM Ultra helps businesses overcome the challenge of figuring out what products and promotions customers like the most. By using Promotion Lab, it tests different options to find the most attractive offerings, making it easier to create deals that customers love.

Setting the Right Prices for New Products

Determining the right prices for new products can be tricky, but RGM Ultra's Comparative Willingness to Pay makes it simpler. It helps businesses pick entry prices that customers find reasonable, ensuring a good start in the market.

Understanding What Drives Customer Purchases

Knowing what makes customers choose one product over another can be puzzling. RGM Ultra's Value Attributes study tackles this challenge, testing various features to understand what really matters to customers when they buy a product.

Optimizing Product Range and Features

Figuring out the best mix of products and features can be tough. RGM Ultra addresses this challenge by combining studies that test different aspects, helping businesses optimize their product range and features to better match what customers want.


Benefits of Revenue Growth Management Ultra

RGM Ultra combines Promotion Lab, Value Attributes and Comparative Willingness to Pay studies to pinpoint attractive offerings for customers, set suitable entry prices for new products, select preferred packaging concepts, and identify opportunities for price adjustments, offering a comprehensive approach to optimize revenue management strategies

Enhanced Product Offerings:

RGM Ultra combines three studies to explore various promotional options, assess entry prices for new products, and understand what drives customer choices. This comprehensive approach helps businesses pinpoint the best offerings, ensuring products align with customer preferences.

Smart Pricing Decisions:

With Comparative Willingness to Pay, RGM Ultra helps businesses assess entry prices for new products and identify opportunities for price adjustments. This study aids in making smart pricing decisions, ensuring products are competitively priced, and adjusting prices where needed.

Deeper Consumer Insight:

Value Attributes, also known as choice-based conjoint, delves into testing different product attributes to understand what truly matters to consumers. This provides businesses with deeper insight into consumer preferences, allowing for more informed decisions in product development and marketing.

Comprehensive Consumer Understanding:

By combining Promotion Lab, Comparative Willingness to Pay, and Value Attributes, RGM Ultra offers a comprehensive analysis. This in-depth understanding of consumer preferences empowers businesses to tailor their strategies effectively, meeting the needs and desires of their target audience.

How Does It Work

PriceBeam’s solution conducts extensive market research. It works by strategically optimizing pricing, promotions, and product assortment to maximize a business's overall revenue and profitability. Through a comprehensive study that analyzes market dynamics, customer behavior, and competitive landscapes,  RGM Ultra provides actionable insights, allowing businesses to make informed decisions for sustained revenue growth.


Define offering & target market

You describe your product/service on our cloud-based platform. You also define the target market to research.

Conduct Market Research

Respondents are guided through the survey, giving answers to PriceBeam’s mix of pricing questions.


 PriceBeam’s in-house team of pricing experts carries out quality control and analyzes the data. Prepare various outputs as designed by the project scope.


Results are detailed in a written report and presented by PriceBeam to the Project team.

Available in 127 countries

Run the analyses in 127 countries around the world without leaving your desk. PriceBeam takes care of finding respondents, asking the right questions in the local language, interpreting results, and delivering the final analysis to you.

  • You define the target market and describe the product.
  • PriceBeam finds the right respondents in each of the markets.
  • Run single-market assessments.
  • Run and compare results between countries, as part of international launches or price increases.
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PriceBeam solutions can solve different types of pricing challenges.

Essential Package - Consumers

Quickly research what your customers in a given market are willing to pay for a product or service. 

  • Consumer insights 
  • Understand willingness-to-pay
  • Overall market analysis
  • Existing or new product

Advanced Package - Consumers

Expand research by analyzing Willingness-to-Pay overall as well as per segment. 

  • Consumer insights
  • Understand willingness-to-pay
  • Overall market analysis
  • Drill-down by segments
  • Existing or new product

Business-to-Business Package

Understand what willingness-to-pay among business customers.

  • Business insights 
  • Understand willingness-to-pay
  • Overall market analysis
  • Drill-down by segment 
  • Existing or new product
  • PriceBeam panel or own panel
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