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Predictive Research

Run a standard PriceBeam study and combine your insights with our simulator & optimizer or data lake. Combine all three for RGM360.
PriceBeam Predictive Research
Predictive Research Graphic

Predictive Research 

At the core of PriceBeam is our comprehensive suite of studies designed to tackle every pricing challenge. We prioritize the consumer, equipping companies with data-driven insights to inform their strategies.

  • Consumer Centric
    Our research puts the consumer at the forefront. 
  • Forward Thinking
    We predict what and how the market will react to your; price increases, new product pricing, product launch assortment.
  • Market Insights
    Our research provides real market insights, so you can make fact-based decisions. 

Our Market Solutions

Find a study to suit your business needs and use in conjunction with RGM Data Lake and RGM Optimizer & Simulator for World-class Revenue Growth Management.

Research what your customers in a given market are willing to pay for a product or service.
Comparative Willingness-to-Pay
Compare willingness-to-pay across multiple products or services, yours as well as the competition.
Assortment Lab
Understand differences in willing-to-pay for different assortment options and optimize individual prices.
Value Attributes (CBC)
Understand what features or benefits are valued by customers, and see how it impacts willingness-to-pay.
Customer Experience Insights
Understand customers and gain insights into overall customer attitudes.
Menu-Based Conjoint
Optimize prices of menus and build-it-yourself products & services through advanced conjoint simulation.
Promotion Lab
Get insights into different promotional mechanisms and generate options for promotional execution. Predict uplift on volume, revenue, and margin.
RGM Study
Combine the best of both Comparative Willingness-to-Pay and Value Attributes study types, getting a full perspective on pricing opportunities.
Product Variant Test
Optimize prices of menus and build-it-yourself products & services through advanced conjoint simulation.
Basic Survey
Use this study to ask your customers anything about a product, exclusively non-pricing related.
Concept Test
Test different marketing concepts for preference and value as well as validate conceptual product ideas with real consumers.
Claims Test
Test different claims for preference and value to identify the best or most appropriate claims for a brand or product.
Promotion Lab Enhanced 
Test different promotional mechanisms, products, and channels to identify the best offerings for the customer and determine which choices are the most popular.
RGM Ultra

RGM Ultra combines three studies: Promotion Lab, Comparative Willingness to Pay, and Value Attributes. 

RGM Promotion
RGM Promotion is a unique study that brings together the insights from two powerful components: It merges Promotion Lab and Comparative Willingness to Pay studies.
What is RGM360? 

RGM360 is World-class Revenue Growth Management solution

RGM360 stands apart in the pricing market research landscape, offering unmatched solutions by integrating top-tier insights software. This unique approach ensures that you receive the most accurate and actionable data available.

RGM360 includes:

  • Used in conjunction with predictive research and/or RGM Data Lake
  • Predictive Research
    Can be used stand-alone, and/or with RGM Optimizer & Simulator and RGM Data Lake
  • Can import own data, and/or with RGM Optimizer & Simulator and predictive research

See PriceBeam in Action  

Get a run-through of Predictive Research and RGM360 with a PriceBeam expert ⬇️