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PriceBeam Plans & Options

PriceBeam Plans & Options


Regardless if your market is with consumers or businesses we have the package that works for you.

Subscription Plans

Get continuous insights and our very best functionality by signing up for a subscription plan. Substantial savings over repeated buying of ad hoc studies.

Ad Hoc Studies

In need of some quick insights? Or want to do a proof-of-concept? Then run a single PriceBeam study and just pay as you go.

Plan Options

Research Subscription


Ad hoc research


Local Pricing: Optimize prices through individual market research studies

International Pricing: Understand price-drift over time in established vs mature markets, identify global price increase opportunities, price war gaming, state-by-state comparison, Global RGM best practice sharing

Feature name
Feature name
Feature name

Wondering Which Plan Is Right For You?

 Different businesses have different needs. PriceBeam's solutions are available and work across different industries and in all sizes of companies, from start-ups over small and mid-sized companies to the largest corporations.

Contact us or book a demo with one of our experts to learn more about how we can help you.