PriceBeam Plans & Options

PriceBeam Plans & Options

Regardless if your market is with consumers or businesses we have the package that works for you.

Subscription Plans

Get continuous insights and our very best functionality by signing up for a subscription plan. Substantial savings over repeated buying of ad hoc studies.

Ad Hoc Studies

In need of some quick insights? Or want to do a proof-of-concept? Then run a single PriceBeam study and just pay as you go.

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Wondering Which Plan is Right for You?

Different businesses have different needs. PriceBeam's solutions are available and work across different industries and in all sizes of companies, from start-ups over small and mid-sized companies to the largest corporations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions below.

There are well established methods to do so that have been used for decades, and helped tens of thousands, if not millions of products and services to be priced right. PriceBeam have enhanced some of these methods to become more accurate and more practical to use.
It is unlikely, but may happen. We therefore recommend all our clients to test pricing advice in a smaller market, or for a smaller number of customers before a full roll-out.
You will have online access to detailed analyses that include both our specific pricing advice and the answer to the other questions the research included. If you have elected to purchase the Advanced plan, this also include human interpretation of the data. Results can also be exported to pdf.
No. There is human quality control a part of every project to ensure that you get exactly the result you expect.
The account allows you to manage more than one project over time. We are certain you will be happy with the results, and therefore once you have an account, it becomes easier for you to make multiple pricing research project.
It can work in both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-business (B2B) but whereas PriceBeam will work out-of-the-box for B2C, it sometimes can take special techniques to research B2B pricing. If you have a B2B project, please contact us.
Yes, you can select which country you want to project to focus on.
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With a methodology that is confirmed to be accurate in thousands of projects, PriceBeam provides self-service market research to companies of all sizes that quickly, accurately, and affordably discovers your customers’ willingness to pay for your product or service.

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