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Partner with PriceBeam

Partner with PriceBeam to enhance your current business or start a new initiative for yourself today. PriceBeam is currently in over 127 markets across the globe and still growing.
We are seeking Partners with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for customer-centric solutions selling; to challenge the status quo and stay ahead of the Technology curve.
Our goal (focus) is to help your Clients make more margin on their products with intelligent pricing research and in return, grow your business.
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Our Partner Options

Discover the options below for becoming a partner with PriceBeam. Click the button to be directed to a form to fill out the necessary information for us to contact you.

Business Development Partners

Help PriceBeam develop markets, sell or generate leads.

  • Developing Leads
  • Local Marketing & PR
  • Organizing sales meetings
  • Upselling
  • Offering local contact

Consulting Partners

Provide price consulting services to companies in all verticals who are not only in need of price research but also general marketing or sales optimization advice as well.

  • New product pricing
  • Price optimization
  • Price Strategy 
  • Price communication
  • Price training

Technology Partners 

Integrate your technology with PriceBeam.

  • Use pricing insights in your system
  • Benefit from our API
  • Build models using PriceBeam data
  • Price optimization software integration
  • System integration
  • PriceBeam panel or own panel

We offer access to exclusive partner resources

Learn to become an expert in Price Optimization, Value-Selling, Willingness to Pay (WtP), and much more.



Pricing Expertise

We provide access to various educational tools on pricing & sales, ranging from downloads, ebooks, and whitepapers to participation in a partner-exclusive knowledge-sharing.

Extensive Resources

Have access to our partners-only Extranet, download; materials, sales training, marketing cases, and more. We are committed to the continued development of our Partner Support tools.


Free Partner Support

Our team is always ready to help partners succeed. As a Partner, you have access to a dedicated support portal as well as phone & email.


Partner Community

PriceBeam partners share access to a dedicated forum for exchanging experiences and know-how with PriceBeam experts as well as other partners.


 Expand your business if you already work in the industry or create a new opportunity for yourself utilizing PriceBeam's expertise and resources.

Expand your Client


As a partner, you will become an exclusive provider of one of the most sophisticated pricing research solutions in the business.

Retain Current Clients

Our research solution generates tangible and immediate results for your clients. Nothing aids client retention as quick wins with a long-term impact.

Boost Project ROI

We have designed our research service so that you or the client don't get stuck in the details. ROI on PriceBeam projects are typically in the thousands of percent within months.

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Apply to become a partner

Join the PriceBeam partners' community and help companies create better pricing strategies.

Find exisiting partners

Take a browse at our incredible partner community.