Partner with PriceBeam

Our Partnership Programme enables consultants all over the world to offer state-of-the-art pricing research solutions to their clients.

Partner Reward

At PriceBeam, we value our partners deeply and compensate generously for their contribution to our business. As a partner, you will generate leads for our pricing solution, which you then pass on to our sales department who takes it from there -- if your lead converts, you will be paid a commission fee! We are committed to creating long-term relationships with our partners, and therefore, your commission will increase with seniority.

Partner Education

As a partner with PriceBeam, you will learn pricing from industry-leading experts. We have designed a rich training programme for our partners that helps them build the skills needed within pricing and sales to best support their clients in optimizing their pricing with our services. Moreover, you will get access to our Certified Consultant resources that offer insights on how you succeed as an independent consultant.

Partner Requirements

We require no upfront investment from our partners nor do we require any previous experience within the price consulting industry. However, as an ambassador for PriceBeam, we expect you to share our dedication to offering extraordinary customer service, our unwavering commitment to excellence, and high standards of behaviour and ethics.

Become a Partner

If you want to learn more about our Partnership Programme, please contact us by filling out the form when clicking this button.
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Current Partners

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