Pricing in M&A

Pricing and M&A

When a company decides to acquire or merge with another company several pricing-related points must be addressed, both pre- and post-acquisition/merger.

Before an acquisition or merger, it is important to analyze the pricing power of the target, and hereunder, what potential there is. Pricing is the most important profit-lever for a business, and the degree to which there is scope for improvement has a significant effect on the company valuation. A thorough analysis of the willingness to pay for the target’s product or service is therefore crucial.

After an acquisition or merger has taken place it is time to benefit from the synergies. With a horizontal acquisition, it must be decided whether to charge the acquirer or the acquiree’s prices and which company brand has the highest pricing power. With vertical acquisitions, it is necessary to determine whether the acquirer’s brand can be leveraged for charging higher prices, and if so, what should that higher price be?

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PriceBeam offers in-depth willingness to pay analyses that offer the insight companies need at all stages of the M&A process. Our analyses can be used to measure the target’s pricing potential with pinpoint accuracy, and PriceBeam Advanced enables comparison of willingness to pay between the acquirer’s and acquiree’s brand. Regardless of the stage, PriceBeam offers solutions that address pressing pricing challenges.

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With a methodology that is confirmed to be accurate in thousands of projects, PriceBeam provides self-service market research to companies of all sizes that quickly, accurately, and affordably discovers your customers’ willingness to pay for your product or service.

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