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Lifecycle Pricing

Lifecycle Pricing

Companies that sell to multinational clients or sell their products globally will have to decide how to price their product in each market. Purchase power, needs, and preferences differ between countries and so does willingness to pay for a given product or service; to maximize profit, pricing research must be conducted for each market.

Chances are that a multinational client will not be happy with receiving different list prices for different countries; either the client will buy the product in the cheaper country, and subsequently transport it to other markets, or he will demand that he gets the same, low price in all markets. Therefore, price differences should be exercised through the discounts granted; and to discount right, willingness to pay research is required.

What We Do

PriceBeam enables you to create your own pricing research project, which can be scaled and used in markets all over the world. It is made specifically to address the challenge of doing business in several markets, and many companies successfully use the service to optimize their discounting practices, so countries with lower willingness to pay receive greater discounts and vice versa.