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What we do

PriceBeam offers said willingness to pay analyses, but unlike traditional pricing research firms, we enable you to do it yourself -- and produce research of the same, high quality. Our research solution is a cloud-based software that automatically collects and analyzes consumer data for your target group, and creates a detailed, interactive willingness to pay curve.

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Brand Health & Pricing

The price is important across the entire Marketing Mix, including the promotion and branding of a product or service. The price sends numerous messages to the customer, all of which is important to how she views the brand, such as the level of quality, the social recognition that comes with owning the product, and the value she will get. Therefore, it is important that the price not only generates short-term profits, but also benefits the long-term brand perception by being aligned with the positioning of the product or service.

Setting a price that supports your positioning is both a function of your competitors’ prices and the willingness to pay for your product or service. When customers compare your product to alternatives, they don’t compare it to all products on the market, but to products that they view as being of fairly similar value. This value is the benchmark that you use to set a higher or lower price, depending on your brand positioning.


Optimizing Prices in the Hospitality Industry

A complete guide for hospitality firms on how to optimize prices in all aspects, and become one of the rare pricing champions in the industry.

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7 Secrets to Best Practise Pricing

This is a guide to action. It's a practical description of the pricing techniques used by the best firms in the industry and more importantly, how you can start using the same techniques. 

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Price Optimization for Consumer Goods Firms

A complete guide for Consumer Goods firms on how to optimize prices in all aspects, and become one of the rare pricing champions in the industry.

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