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PriceBeam Demo

Take the guesswork out of pricing


% of pricing is done on guesswork.
countries to conduct studies in.
% ROI on PriceBeam projects done in the first month.

PriceBeam's cloud platform takes care of all the details and hard work of doing pricing research. All you have to do is describe your target market and your product or service. Our platform enables users to; gain access to invaluable insights on consumers' willingness-to-pay, competitive pricing, new product pricing, and much more with our easy-to-use software, combining scientific methods and precise market insights.

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PriceBeam's features:


Customized Survey Platform

Get the insights you want. We do the quality control, sampling, processing and capturing of data.

Market Analysis

We provide you with analysis in real-time to enable you to understand how your prices compare to your competitors.


Our solution provides a flexible and adaptable approach to price optimization for your business.


Leverage the power of data. With our combination of science and precise market insights. Improve profit and stay ahead.