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Pricing News is an online resource created for pricing professionals that centralizes valuable pricing news, events, resources, technology, and strategy expert information as well as exclusive offers. PND and TWIP are digests of the latest news related to pricing strategy, technology, training events, blogs, research, and other high-value resources. We also curate blogs from pricing practitioners in our Pricer’s Points blog series as well as sharing valuable pricing discussions in our Top Discussions blog posts. Join our LinkedIn group to keep up with the latest pricing strategy case studies in the news and great pricing jobs.

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Mark Peacock - The Pricing Coach

UK-based Mark Peacock’s mission is to help businesses solve their pricing problems. If you haven’t put your prices up for years, or would like to know how to increase your prices but don’t know where to start, he can help. He uses a simple 5 step process that enables any business to increase their average selling prices.

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With more than 40 years of accumulated experience as senior pricing managers in international companies, Priskonsulterna have practical experience, examples and best practices as well as tools that work in real life. Together with world-leading partners, Priskonsulterna creates profitable and long-lasting relationships with a genuine focus on benefits and customer value.

What we do:
  • Pricing & Profitability optimization - review of processes, highlight areas that are really good and an action plan for those in need for improvement
  • Operational Excellence – Plan and implement processes, methods, tools, systems and KPI’s for successful and sustainable operations.
  • Innovation & Pricing– Our methodology to improve success launching new products or services
  • Knowledge – Training, workshops, coaching and advisory network; we provide hands on pricing expertise. We help customers on their journey towards pricing excellence.

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Bloomkeys is a boutique consultancy whose mission is to help you implement and leverage advanced pricing and sales solutions for immediate and long-term benefits.

We believe that leading companies have to leverage their data and customer intelligence proactively to increase their operational efficiency.

What for? Maximizing customer lifetime value.

How? Business transformation and change management.

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Santa Marketing

Santa Marketing believes in the power of marketing as a transformative catalyst for business growth. This transformation is generated by being dually centric. Customer centricity is a must to be relevant and have impact in the market place. At the same time though, marketing needs to be business centric by driving the company’s growth objectives. Customer centricity is driven by a deep understanding, intellectually as well as emotionally, of customer insights. This will drive the creation of a unique, differentiated and resonating Brand Positioning. Insights are also the key for identifying current and future pockets of value to create compelling Value Propositions. Business centricity is achieved by allowing these Value Propositions to fuel various strategic pricing opportunities to achieve top line sales but more importantly margin objectives. Whether Cost-based pricing or Value-based pricing, this stepwise approach will maximise chances for sustainable and relevant growth. Sales and marketing alignment is a dimension of the past. The frontiers of sales and marketing are becoming increasingly overlapping and blurry. The future belongs to those who successfully superimposed these two functions. Santa Marketing has redesigned some fundamental marketing processes, such as Brand or Marketing Planning, to focus on simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency. This provides a platform for a common language, objectives and clear responsibilities.

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Stratinis is the market leader for Price and Revenue Control Software, enabling companies better control of the pricing, discounting and promotion process, leading to increased revenues, profits and shareholder value. Learn more about us and our software solution Stratinis Pricing Suite on

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RevBeam is a global team of experts in pricing, marketing & sales effectiveness. They provide expertise and consultancy services within pricing, discounting, revenue and rebate management.

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With a methodology that is confirmed to be accurate in thousands of projects, PriceBeam provides self-service market research to companies of all sizes that quickly, accurately, and affordably discovers your customers’ willingness to pay for your product or service.

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