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Pricing News is an online resource created for pricing professionals that centralizes valuable pricing news, events, resources, technology, and strategy expert information as well as exclusive offers. PND and TWIP are digests of the latest news related to pricing strategy, technology, training events, blogs, research, and other high-value resources. We also curate blogs from pricing practitioners in our Pricer’s Points blog series as well as sharing valuable pricing discussions in our Top Discussions blog posts. Join our LinkedIn group to keep up with the latest pricing strategy case studies in the news and great pricing jobs.



PriceMaker helps growing businesses create new or improved pricing models that increase profits by 10% - 30% or more.

We work with business leaders in many sectors to review existing pricing models and devise new pricing strategies that help increase sales and deliver more bottom line profits.

  • Enhancing existing pricing models to increase profits
  • Designing new prices for new products or services
  • Helping sales teams justify their prices and prevent margin erosion
  • Supporting tender response proposals and optimising price presentation
  • Inspiring confidence in your pricing to enable you to deliver the desired results.

Click on our website to get a free assessment of your pricing power, with personalised recommendations on what you need to do to improve your pricing.



With more than 40 years of accumulated experience as senior pricing managers in international companies, Implity have practical experience, examples and best practices as well as tools that work in real life. Together with world-leading partners, Implity creates profitable and long-lasting relationships with a genuine focus on benefits and customer value.

What we do:
  • Pricing & Profitability optimization - review of processes, highlight areas that are really good and an action plan for those in need for improvement
  • Operational Excellence – Plan and implement processes, methods, tools, systems and KPI’s for successful and sustainable operations.
  • Innovation & Pricing– Our methodology to improve success launching new products or services
  • Knowledge – Training, workshops, coaching and advisory network; we provide hands on pricing expertise. We help customers on their journey towards pricing excellence.



Bloomkeys is a boutique consultancy whose mission is to help you implement and leverage advanced pricing and sales solutions for immediate and long-term benefits.

We believe that leading companies have to leverage their data and customer intelligence proactively to increase their operational efficiency.

What for? Maximizing customer lifetime value.

How? Business transformation and change management.


Fulcro Business Advisors

We are a strategy and management consulting firm with a mission: to help our clients to identify and capture value.  We are specialized in designing winning strategies, but we also provide crucial support with their implementation.  We are a “rolled-up sleeves” group of experienced consultants, bred in top management consultancies, that delivers effective change by working closely with your teams.  Our service offering is focused on Commercial and Go-to-Market strategies, including revenue management and pricing, and our geographic coverage is South America.  Give us a try!



As a lean pricing consultancy, Lift-off is focused on getting you exactly what you need to identify and use the facts relevant for finding your price-market fit.

In all of its forms, expertise is hard to sell for close to its value when the customers can't always distinguish excellence from hype. Whether you are branching out, launching a new product, or gathering information for a pitch deck, Lift-off will help you compose a pricing boost that is quick, robust, and easy to explain to stakeholders.



Tvg&associates provide innovative and agile responses to business demands in the complex and rapidly changing global environment.  The client has access to a ‘dream team’ of highly proficient professionals specifically drawn in to tailor solutions for a project.  We espouse ethics and good governance in our company’s undertakings which enables a seamless interaction and a high level of confidentiality as the foundations for a successful relationship.

The core team of tvg&associates moves across the plateau of business and industry in Southern Africa and abroad developing and growing a network of close allies and associates. Each project is facilitated by core members and specifically selected associates who make an impactful contribution to its success.

Tvg&associates was founded by Teresita van Gaalen who has made a major contribution to business as a lead independent director, Chief Executive Officer and marketing specialist for local and international companies.

Key Activities:

- Multi-discipline business consultancy
- Strategic Marketing Communication
- Corporate Communication and Media Strategy
- Market Research and Market Positioning strategy
- Business Development, Strategy and Implementation
- Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) strategy and integration
- Corporate Diversity and Transformation


John Byrne & co

We reimagine your workspace, department connectivity, process mapping and overall value of people engagement. We finding the systems to engage your people, implement company strategies hence improving connectivity, productivity. People are the heart of the business and we aim to empower this vital resource to better communicate and help them to learn new work practices.  We bring tailored solutions to fit your ambition and vision through a vast consultant database globally.


V2 Pricing

V2 Pricing provides specialist sales coaching and pricing advice for organisations seeking to achieve significantly improved margins and bottom line results.

 Through world-class sales training based on proven approaches we work with organisations to align behaviours and processes needed to support complex sales.  Supported by sales coaching we help organisations to achieve success when selling complex products and services in highly competitive environments.

 We focus on ensuring that the pricing elements across your portfolio of  products and services are optimised and maximise your profits.  We work with innovation teams across businesses and start-ups to ensure that products and services are launched at the 'right' level maximising your probability of success in competitive markets


PHG Consulting Oy

At PHG Consulting Oy, we combine our insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies, and in turn, your company. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their business.



Based in Budapest, Basilicon is a knowledge-based organisation disguised as a boutique consulting firm. Our goal is to make an impact in the world by means of interdisciplinary consulting services both for the corporate and public sectors. Our clients include a whole palette of entities, ranging from SMEs to big corporations and public institutions. We offer them solutions in management consulting, pricing services, policy design & evaluation, data service, cross-cultural advisory and international business development.


İşim Gelişiyor Danışmanlık

Isim Gelisiyor Danismanlık is a business development consulting company.  Our company consults our clients in the process of production planning, domestic or export marketing, finance, business law, designing and developing strategic management, providing assistance with implementing suggested plans and strategies as well as in promoting local government (Turkish) and private sector incentives. 
We assist companies of all sizes to capture significant savings through negotiated opportunities with government and international agencies at all levels like KOSGEB Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, Turkish Ministry of Trade, and Export-Import Agencies. We consult our clients for the capture above and below the line savings for recurring capital expenditures, new investment activities, siting new facilities and locations, and relocating or expanding existing facilities, locations, or headquarters.
Isim Gelisiyor Danismanlik consults companies that want to develop pricing excellence and strategy within the Turkish Market and the global market.  We are partner with world-leading companies.

Thanks to our experienced and talented consultant team and partners, our main consulting services are:

* Business Development
* All level Management Consulting

* Human Resources
* Logistics and Stock Control
* Production Planning
* Domestic or Global Marketing
* Finance
* Business Law 
* Strategic Management
* Export and Import
* Global and Domestic Crowdfunding
* Governmental and International Agencies` Incentives
* Market Research
* Local and Global Pricing Strategy
* Local and Global Pricing Research

Please visit our website to contact us.



Together with the Champions, we are here to win in the business and/or professional sports world. Therefore, we have both designed and
developed our own Champions values and labels.

Remember that and become every day the Champion in You.



Stratinis is the market leader for Price and Revenue Control Software, enabling companies better control of the pricing, discounting and promotion process, leading to increased revenues, profits and shareholder value. Learn more about us and our software solution Stratinis Pricing Suite on



RevBeam is a global team of experts in pricing, marketing & sales effectiveness. They provide expertise and consultancy services within pricing, discounting, revenue and rebate management.

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