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Pricing & Revenue  Optimization as a Service

AI-powered market insights software that generates actionable insights into consumers' willingness-to-pay, competitive price positioning, packaging and assortment dynamics, promotional benchmarking, and opportunities from new product pricing.

PriceBeam RGM360 Platform

Pricing Right, Made Easy: Eliminate the Guesswork

Do you have the right price for existing products or services? Do you know what the price should be for a new product yet to be launched? Are your customers willing to pay more for a given set of benefits? We help you with all of that. Through pricing science we help you optimize existing as well as new prices.
PriceBeam RGM360
introducing RGM360

RGM360 is World-class Revenue Growth Management solution

PriceBeam's RGM360 platform combines unique Revenue Growth insights across price, assortment, packs, channels, consumer segments, and promotional optimization, into a complete and holistic RGM overview. 

RGM360 includes:

  • Used in conjunction with predictive research and/or RGM Data Lake
  • Can be used stand-alone, and/or with RGM Optimizer & Simulator and RGM Data Lake
  • Can import own data, and/or with RGM Optimizer & Simulator and predictive research
PriceBeam study types
Pricing Right

Consumer and Customer Centric

PriceBeam provides insights into what consumers and customers really think. Using leading questioning and test techniques to capture sentiment and opinions, PriceBeam's results are based on live market perception.


Look Forward, not Backwards

Ever heard of software vendors who promise that they can just data mine historical sales data and then predict what is the optimal price point is for the future? In times when consumer perception is under constant change, with Covid, war, inflation, channel shifts and many other factors, revenue and price optimization should not be based solely on past data.

PriceBeam's willingness-to-pay insights are based on what the market currently thinks and is superior in accuracy when it comes to price change optimization, new product pricing, and market strategy development.

Look forward
Pricing RIGHT

Pricing Science Instead of Guesswork

Companies report that 88% of all prices set are based on guesswork or a repeat of what they did last year. This invariably leads to poor performance with prices either too high or too low.

PriceBeam applies a range of scientific, quantitative methods to take the guesswork out of pricing, from Artificial Intelligence (AI) over Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) analysis to sophisticated enhancements of tried-and-tested psychological pricing techniques such as MaxDiff, Gabor-Granger, and Newton-Smith. All built-in to our RGM360 tool with users just needing to define target audiences and products in scope, not re-producing the scientific methods.

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Schedule 1:1 call with a PriceBeam expert and discover how we can solve your pricing challenges.


Actionable Results in Days. Continuous Insights After That.

Whereas old-fashioned market research can take many weeks and months, PriceBeam's cloud-based approach delivers truly actionable results within days. PriceBeam's insights also don't just sit in a stale report; our customers can run simulations and what-if scenarios against the collected market data. 

Actionable results in days
PriceBeam global

Globally Available at Your Fingertips.

Our market insights are available in 127 countries worldwide. The best part: all you need to do is define the products and the target audience, and we take care of the rest, from translation and recruitment to the pricing science. 

Pricing & Revenue Optimization Challenges Solved


Pricing Managers, Revenue Growth Management teams, Marketing & Brand teams, as well as Innovation Managers get a solution from PriceBeam that helps them with a wealth of pricing challenges. 

New Product Pricing

Do you need to price a new product or service? What features make customers willing to pay more? What is the optimal price?


Price Optimization

Are you charging the right price for a product or service? Could you charge more? Without losing overall revenue?


Price Increases

How do you implement a successful price increase? How big an increase can your brand justify? What are customers willing to pay?


Brand Health & Pricing

What should the price be vs competition? Do customers agree with that position/premium/discount versus the competitive alternatives?


Value-Based Pricing

How much value do customers put on your products or services? What features can command a premium price? What segments are willing to pay more?


Segmentation & Product Differentiation

Do all customer segments share the same willingness to pay? Who is willing to pay more? Does it require product differentiation to target them?


Why Our Clients Choose Us?

With PriceBeam's solutions you get extra-ordinary and immediate pay-back on your pricing actions.

High Value

PriceBeam projects have a near-instant payback. Knowing the right price instead of guessing means you can improve your profits quickly.



Results are available in as little as a day and never more than a few weeks, regardless of complexity. PriceBeam's cloud platform also delivers results 24/7.


Making Pricing Easy

Our cloud-based platform is very easy to use. All you have to do is define target market and describe the product. We handle all the details of conducting professional market research.


Instant Access

You can access your online account at any point in time, and launch new projects. No need for long waiting periods to get set up. Create, manage and analyze research at your fingertips.


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Pricing in Numbers

% of companies get prices wrong
% ROI on Pricebeam projects in the first 3 months
% Increase in net profit from 1% price improvement

Our Market Insights Solutions

PriceBeam solutions can solve different types of pricing challenges.

Research what your customers in a given market are willing to pay for a product or service.
Comparative Willingness-to-Pay
Compare willingness-to-pay across multiple products or services, yours as well as the competition.
Assortment Lab
Understand differences in willing-to-pay for different assortment options and optimize individual prices.
Value Attributes (CBC)
Understand what features or benefits are valued by customers, and see how it impacts willingness-to-pay.
Customer Experience Insights
Understand customers and gain insights into overall customer attitudes.
Menu-Based Conjoint
Optimize prices of menus and build-it-yourself products & services through advanced conjoint simulation.
Promotion Lab
Get insights into different promotional mechanisms and generate options for promotional execution. Predict uplift on volume, revenue, and margin.
RGM Study
Combine the best of both Comparative Willingness-to-Pay and Value Attributes study types, getting a full perspective on pricing opportunities.
Product Variant Test
Test different product variants and find out what each variant is worth, and how each variant makes the consumer feel along a set of variables.
Basic Survey
Use this study to ask your customers anything about a product, exclusively non-pricing related.
Concept Test
Test different marketing concepts for preference and value as well as validate conceptual product ideas with real consumers.
Claims Test
Test different claims for preference and value to identify the best or most appropriate claims for a brand or product.
Promotion Lab Enhanced 
Test different promotional mechanisms, products, and channels to identify the best offerings for the customer and determine which choices are the most popular.
RGM Ultra

RGM Ultra combines three studies: Promotion Lab, Comparative Willingness to Pay, and Value Attributes. 

RGM Promotion
RGM Promotion is a unique study that brings together the insights from two powerful components: It merges Promotion Lab and Comparative Willingness to Pay studies.
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